Andrew Buchanan

About me.

I find photography is a marvellously adaptable medium for expressing and fine tuning what I see in the world around me. Whether it be the things that pass us fleetingly by an expression momentarily given, and captured and then held in a micro second or the probing into the secret depth of an orchid bloom, it is photography and the skill of the photographer, what ever he or she's speciality is, who have the ability to halt time and capture what is normally missed, or passed by without a thought.

I consider my self very lucky to live in Galloway in the south west of Scotland, a rural and beautiful part of the world, where the modern and the old intermingle in a precarious dance. This is also true of my photography, as I use and exploit the old and the modern, I get great satisfaction and excitement when setting out with my medium format camera, tripod, and light metre with an idea of a photographic image already in my minds eye. The image captured rushing back to the darkroom and like an alchemist conjuring, fixing the mood, tone, and even adding colour in the same way the Victorians did so many years ago. This is not just a hankering of bygone days these techniques can only partly be replicated through the digital medium and in some things only produce a poor imitation. hand colouring being one.

At this point dear reader you must be thinking this man is a luddite, far from it I embrace the digital age, and in pursuit of my fascination which is people, the adaptability of my trusty Canon 50d with it's ease of use, fast action and instant result, I must be mad to still be using film, but there you go. I do hope you enjoy looking at these photographs, and they communicate some of the joy I had taking them.

Taylor Wessing Photo Prize


Taylor Wessing Photo Prize - 8th July, 2013

The Taylor Wessing portrait prize offers much fame & fortune to those who are lucky enough to make the grade, in the final cut and be chosen for the exhibition. in the national portrait gallery ( fingers crossed )

National Portrait Gallery Portrait Prize

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